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"Terra Twitter" coming soon / ¡Twitter estará en Terra!
According to "Terra.Es" they are working on bringing... terratwitter.jpg continue »

"terra.com" - website redesign
Navigating through one of my favorite sites in Spanish the... terra2.jpg continue »

Hylands - Comienzos Saludables Website
I recently learned of Comienzos Saludables... hylands1.jpg continue »

Smart Campaign - Voto Latino on iTunes
I recently came across VotoLatino.org. A nonpartisan organization which promotes voter empowerment in... votolatino.jpg continue »

Time Magazine Names Top 25 Sites
A few months ago I wrote a topic about the improvements Captura Group had made to GobiernoUSA.gov site. Today USA.gov is being... 25sites.jpg continue »

Hispanic Online Marketing - Insights (1 comments)
A recent mini article on Business Week Magazine (07/09/07) E-Commerce, talks about how missed the Latino market still is. It also mentions that... Title_Internet.jpg continue »

The "adtech Miami" Event Experience
I just came back from ad:tech Miami 2007 conference. Weather was good, not to hot, not too cool, perfect I would say, and location... adtech_04.jpg continue »

USA.gov launches GobiernoUSA.gov (en Español)
Captura Group has given a design refresh to "GobiernoUSA.gov" site. The "old" site had a perception that the site was not an.... GobiernoUSAGov.jpg continue »

Hispanics and the Internet (1 comments)
Everyday more Hispanics are using the internet as the main source of information for their needs. A big untraditional change since the times of our "abuelitas" where mainly, information came from friends, family or aquaintances. This change is important because... Title_Internet.jpg continue »

ad:tech miami "Speaking the Right Language: Engaging with Hispanic and Latin Audiences"
Needless to say there is a latent opportunity to reach those millions of Hispanic and Latin American consumers out there who browse... adtech_front.jpg continue »

How Latinos Read the News - Website Design (2 comments)
A long time ago I wanted to write once again about website design for Latino appeal (or why not for everybody's better... 20min_01.jpg continue »

Telemundo & Yahoo en Español Launch Co-Branded Site (1 comments)
Yahoo en Español and the US Spanish speaking network Telemundo have launched a co-branded site:... Yahoo_Telemundo.jpg continue »

Comidas Kraft - Online (10 comments)
Kraft has a very neat Bilingual website where you can... Kraft01.jpgcontinue »

FedEx offers Spanish Customer Service
In FedEx's main page currently you can find an ad promoting their... Fedex_02.jpg continue »

Website: www.voymusic.com En Español (2 comments)
Ever dreamed of having a site where you can get all the information about Latino Music? Your dreams have come true...Alguna ves soñaste en tener una página web donde pudieras encontrar todo tipo de información acerca de la Música Latina? Tus sueños se han hecho.... voylogo.jpg continue »

Hispanic/Latino Sites (7 comments)
The other day I received an inquiry about suggestions for creating a Latino site. Since I am not an expert in website design I did research on several Latino/Hispanic sites and made some observations... continue »

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